Medical Career Planning offers a range of workshops for doctors, medical students and allied health practitioners. These workshop include; 

  • Career planning for doctors and medical students who have career uncertainty using exercises, coaching strategies and education to assist the practitioner to get clarity around their career goals. This includes clinical opportunities and non clinical opportunities.
  • Career planning workshops for early career doctors to assist in identification of opportunities within the medical field - clinically and non clinically 
  • Career planning workshops for allied health practitioners to assist define career goals and work towards those
  • Medical interview preparation workshops designed to assist the medical practitioner in interview techniques. Perfect for those applying for specialty training positions, specialist positions and registrar roles.


Small Group Medical Career Planning Workshop = $249 inc GST

Join Dr Ashe Coxon for an interactive workshop looking at ways to navigate the maze of career options open to health professionals. Each workshop is open to 10 participants and includes a pre-event personality test and analysis which participants will refer to during the session.

The workshop will cover:

  • Common traits that predispose a doctor to career uncertainty and workplace issues and strategies on how to address these traits
  • Personality traits common to doctors who experience uncertainty and workplace issues
  • The role of values in deciding a future medical career
  • Examples of some non-traditional or creative careers that can be pursued by doctors

Workshop dates:

Part One

Wed 11 Aug 2021

11am - 1pm

Part Two

Wed 25 Aug 2021

11am - 1pm


Medical Interview Masterclass Series

Join interview coaches Dr Brooke Bullock and Dr Ashe Coxon for a three part, online workshop to hone your medical interviewing skills.

This workshop will boost your preparation for Consultant, Fellowship and speciality training program interviews where we will explore interview frameworks, techniques, pitfalls to avoid, common and uncommon questions. 

You will also leave with a detailed follow up study plan to guide you up to your interview.

Presented by:

Dr. Brooke Bullock and Dr. Ashe Coxon


Workshop Dates:

July 22nd 7-9pm

July 29th 7-9pm

August 5th 7-9pm


Workshop Price: $599


Creative Careers in Medicine

Join Dr Ashe Coxon for an interactive face to face workshop looking at the ways to navigate the maze of career options open to health professionals.  The workshop is held as a pre-event workshop for the Creative Careers in Medicine Conference

These workshops are open to limited numbers and will include a pre-event personality test and analysis by Dr Coxon which participants will refer to during the session.

The workshop will look at:

  • An introduction to career planning for doctors 
  • Common areas of career indecision and career confusion in doctors 
  • A framework to assist the doctor in identifying their areas of career interest, strengths and transferable skills to progress their career decision making (Including practical exercises)
  • Explanation and discussion around Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality analysis and how personality types impact career decisions (Including practical exercises and individual personality reports)
  • Discussion around individual core values and the importance of addressing these in career planning (Practical exercises and individual core values report) 
  • Career mapping exercises to further assist the career planning journey
  • Examples of some non-traditional or creative careers that can be pursued by doctors.

The workshops are 4 hours long and there is a morning workshop and afternoon workshop for you to choose from. 

Date: 5th November 2021

Where: Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach, Sydney 

Workshop Price: $399

Morning Workshop

8:30am - 12:30pm

Afternoon Workshop

1:30pm - 5:30pm


Medical Career Planning offers training and workshops for organisations (medical and non-medical).

Each workshop is individually designed based on the organisations' needs and varies from teaching skills in counselling and coaching to the organisation, to teaching strategies on staff wellbeing, staff retention and recruitment and performance management.

Medical Career Planning staff are accredited in Myers Briggs Personality Type assessments plus extended DISC and runs workshops with organisations for their staff around personality traits, core values and skills identification.

Medical Career Planning has run workshops for many organisations including WA Health, WA PMCWA, WAGPET, NQ RTH, AMA NSW, Queensland Paediatric intensive care network, privately owned general practices and Creative Careers in Medicine.

Contact Medical Career Planning to discuss your organisational workshop requirements.