CV and Interview Preparation Services

Are you applying for a training position, consultant job, new role, non clinical role or re-applying for a resident year?

Do you want to put your best foot forward?

If yes, then Medical Career Planning has some fantastic services on offer to assist you in creating your dream career! We offer 1:1 appointments, workshops and online courses to assist you in CV preparation and interview preparation. 

Identifying your dream career and planning for it are a major step, but the next important step is providing a winning CV and nailing the interview! Career coaches, Karina, Ashe and Brooke will help this become a reality.

CV Preparation services

CV starter package service

60-minute 1:1 appointment with career development practitioner Karina Lewis via Zoom to review and discuss your current CV, career goals and to identify skills, interests, strengths and transferable skills that can be implemented into your current CV.

This session will include practical tips, suggestions and advice on tailoring your CV.

Package includes 2 CV edits/ revisions.

Investment: $399

CV Preparation Online Course 

This online medical CV course has recordings and written content which provides education on how to make your medical CV stand out! There are examples, template and content on how to structure your CV, how to format your CV, what to include and how to identify and sell your skills. The course also provides information on cover letters and career statements.

By the end of this course you will have a winning CV!


Interview Preparation

(Individual appointments and packages available)

An interview preparation session with Medical Career Planning will boost your preparation for consultant, fellowship and specialty training program interviews where you will explore interview frameworks, techniques, pitfalls to avoid, common and uncommon questions. 

Individual appointments are available but it is strongly recommended to complete a 3 appointment package.

Individual Session

  • Includes: 60 minute session

Package (3 Sessions)

  • Includes: 3x 60-minute sessions

Interview Preparation Online Course

This course is designed to prepare you for Consultant, Fellowship and specialty training program interviews. We will explore interview frameworks, techniques and pitfalls to avoid. By working through the five modules, you will formulate a plan for how to conquer any question thrown at you in a Medical Interview.  


CV and Interview Preparation workshop (Allied health professionals and nurses)

Ready to build your confidence for your next job application?

So often we hear of smart, highly skilled clinicians who would be a great fit for a role be unsuccessful in the job application process. The good new is, there are tried and tested ways to increase your chances of being successful. Join us for the upcoming CV and interview prep workshop where we will cover:

🚀 Frameworks to help structure your interview answers and cover key points

💬 How to highlight your skills and attributes authentically (and without it feeling like a sales pitch)

🔍 Gain access to customisable CV templates that aim to make the most of your first impression

💡 Examples of common interview questions for you to practice in your own time.

Aimed at allied health and nurses, this workshop will be run online and recorded for those unable to attend live.

Saturday February 10th 2024

Online; Recording available 

Start time: 8.30am

Investment: $199