Self paced online courses providing career planning resources to allow you to work through your career concerns.


Self paced online courses providing career planning resources to allow you to work through your career concerns.

Our Mission

To assist doctors and medical students to find true career-life happiness through gaining an understanding of ones self, values, interests, personality and skills. That every doctor can feel fulfilled, happy and valued in the career they choose to embark on.

"I'm a doctor who recently completed your Discovery course.

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the insight into my non-clinical focused career goals and the courage to act on those goals."


Career Planning for Doctors and Medical Students

DISCOVERY is a self-study course providing affordable and accessible career planning resources to allow you to work through your career concerns.

This course is designed to be a start for doctors and medical students to consider their career and their career planning.

It will help you to evaluate what is important to you, and which field of medicine may be best suited to you.

Discovery is a self-paced course designed to be completed over a 4-8 week period and each module will work through common career concerns and provide resources for the participant to work through their own career journey.

The course provides a stepwise approach to addressing career uncertainty and the exercises along the way aim to assist the participant to discover their own career intentions, what careers are available and how to work towards this.

Completion of this course will provide the participant with a structured approach to planning their medical career and creating the most fulfilling medical career for them. 

Objectives for the course:

  • To provide the participant with a framework to assist in their career planning and decision making.
  • To highlight the available careers for doctors and medical students in the clinical and non-clinical fields. 
  • To provide information around core values and the importance of considering core values in career planning.
  • To provide resources to the participant to assist their career planning journey.
  • To provide techniques to evaluate the participant's career journey and to use these reflections and observations in planning their future career.
  • To identify the participant's personality types (using MBTI) and provide information on how a personality type impacts career decision making.
  • To provide the participant with some career planning tools to assist them in identifying suitable medical specialty pathways and how best to pursue them.

Self-paced online programs

We are working on putting together useful self-paced online courses to help you work through your careers concerns. Take a look below at some of the topics we have coming out very soon.

Non traditional, non fellowship and non clinical medical careers

A guide to all of the current options available in non traditional, noin fellowship and non clinical areas in medicine. This course will explore the direct sectors doctors can work in, what the work involves, how your skills can be transferred and where to start looking for the work.


GP with Special Interest - The endless opportunities, how to discover your pathway and making it happen

This course will explore all of the opportunities and special areas of interest that GPs can pursue and will outline which requires additional training and how to find roles in these areas.


Specialty training pathways in Australia

A complete guide to all of the specialty training pathways that can be pursued in Australia with information about the industry, skills required, training and any post specialty fellowship opportunities


The Big Questions helping career uncertainty: How do I know what to do?

How do you figure out what pathway to pursue in medicine when you're too busy working to even think about it?? This course will take you through some techniques and exercises to assist in identifying which area of medicine is for you.


Personality Traits and medical careers - Subconscious traits and blind spots

This course will explain the different Myers Briggs Type Indicator personalities and describe the applicability to medicine and medical careers and why we make some subconscious career decisions and the blind spots around out personality traits. This course can help you understand why you may make the decisions you do and provide guidance on deciding if that is the right choice for you.


Skills, values and interests - How do you you what they are and WHY they are SO important in career planning

Our values, interests and skills underpin our career choices, success and happiness within our careers. In other words they are SO important, yet most doctors don't know what theirs are! If you don't know your top 5 core values then this course is a must for you and it will help in bringing you closer to career fulfillment.


Job searching, skills, transferable skills and resources

You know what job you want, but you just don't know how to find it and if your skills are transferable to this role. This course will take you through some job searching techniques and how to find out what your transferable skills are to help you nab your dream job.


Interview preparation

How to prepare for a winning interview


CV preparation

What doctors do well and what we need to improve on



Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn to expand your career opportunities a medical professional.

After this free mini course you will walk away with an understanding of the benefits of Linkedin for searching for non-clinical careers, showcasing your experience and attracting suitable organisations as well as how to use Linkedin to job search based on your interests and skills

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