Create a fulfilling career in the medical industry



Create a fulfilling career in the medical industry


Our Mission

To assist doctors and medical students to find true career-life happiness through gaining an understanding of ones self, values, interests, personality and skills. That every doctor can feel fulfilled, happy and valued in the career they choose to embark on.

"Thank you for your help. I have been telling everyone to consider doing this - it's so good to feel confident in what I'm doing and why."

Meet the team

DR. Ashe Coxon, (MBBS, FRACGP, DCH, MClinEd, Grad Cert Career Development, AFANZAHPE), is a General Practitioner and career counsellor and is the founder of Medical Career Planning.

Dr Ashe has been working with doctors and medical students for over 5 years to assist them to find happiness in work, whether that is medical, non medical, clinical or non clinical. Dr Ashe provides individual appointments, group workshops, consults to organisations and provides online courses.

Alongside Dr Ashe are a team of other coaches and counsellors in areas specializing in areas such as medical interview preparation, allied health career counselling, general career counselling and consultants in specialized areas of non-clinical medicine.

Meet The Team

What's the best option for you right now?

1-on-1 Coaching

Medical Career Planning offers a range of coaching options and packages with career planning services available for doctors, medical students, allied health practitioners as well as non-health related fields. Coaching assists the client to define their career-related goals, understand any current career concerns and build a plan for their future and the team at Medical Career Planning will guide you through this process.


Online Courses

Medical Career Planning offers a range of online courses to assist an individual in their career goals, career uncertainty and career transitioning. There are many courses available to assist from those in their early career through to those who are nearing the end of their career. The range of courses covers career planning strategies, medical industry exploration guides, non clinical career guides and job searching techniques.


Upcoming Workshops

Medical Career Planning offers a range of workshops for doctors, medical students and allied health practitioners. Workshop topics includes:

- Career planning for doctors and medical students who have career uncertainty

- Career planning workshops for early career doctors

- Career planning workshops for allied health practitioners

- Medical interview preparation workshops



How to use Linkedin for medical professionals

After this free mini course you will walk away with an understanding of the benefits of Linkedin for searching for non-clinical careers, showcasing your experience and attracting suitable organisations as well as how to use Linkedin to job search based on your interests and skills.

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Medical Career Planning offers training and workshops for organisations (medical and non-medical).

Each workshop is individually designed based on the organisations' needs and varies from teaching skills in counselling and coaching to the organisation, to teaching strategies on staff wellbeing, staff retention and recruitment and performance management.

Medical Career Planning staff are accredited in Myers Briggs Personality Type assessments plus extended DISC and runs workshops with organisations for their staff around personality traits, core values and skills identification.

Medical Career Planning has run workshops for many organisations including WA Health, WA PMCWA, WAGPET, NQ RTH, AMA NSW, Queensland Paediatric intensive care network, privately owned general practices and Creative Careers in Medicine.

Contact Medical Career Planning to discuss your organisational workshop requirements.

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