General Practitioners with Special Interest roles

Learn all about the countless opportunities within General Practice


This course has been designed to provide information to GP's, or those considering a career in GP, on the 30+ areas of General Practice with special interest.

If you are feeling confused, uncertain or even unhappy in your career, this course will show you the potential options you have for diversifying.

There are a number of possibilities available, and even if you decide not to diversify into an area of special interest, the aim of this course is to help you feel far more educated and comfortable with all the options out there.

This is a first of its kind course and it is far more than just a list of options.

It covers the how, the what and the why of GP with special interest careers and save you hours of precious time by having all of the information in one place! If you think about how many hours you spend googling different careers, the price of this is such a bargain as it saves you countless hours of googling ‘What type of GP with special interest areas are there’.

Time is money!


After this course you will have:

Increased awareness of career options for GPs

Awareness of where to look for specific roles

Awareness of key skills and strengths required for certain areas

Increased confidence in knowing what options are available for you

DR. Ashe Coxon, (MBBS, FRACGP, DCH, MClinEd, Grad Cert Career Development, AFANZAHPE), is a General Practitioner and career counsellor and is the founder of Medical Career Planning.

Dr Ashe has been working with doctors and medical students for over 5 years to assist them to find happiness in work, whether that is medical, non medical, clinical or non clinical. Dr Ashe provides individual appointments, group workshops, consults to organisations and provides online courses.

Dr Ashe has qualifications in General Practice, career development and medical education and has a Masters of Clinical Education, is an associate fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Health Professional Educators, is a certified career development practitioner and has had experience in medical education and administration in the GP landscape, universities and hospital system.


If you are unsure what to do with your career, an incredibly powerful tool to arm yourself with is awareness of options. Once you are aware of all of your options, you can make an informed educated decision with far less career choice regret.


By joining this course you will arm yourself with options and that is so powerful!