Reimagine Your Health Career

Small Group Career Coaching for Allied Health Professionals


Are you an allied health professional ready for whatever comes next?

Our group program is for anyone in health looking for a sneak peek into what their future career might hold. Discover alternative work options, leverage your transferable skills, and give yourself a chance to look at what you really want.


You’ll complete evidence-based psychometric assessments to provide guidance on your work and personality preferences. Balanced with your experience, values and interests, this means the program is customised to you – nothing one-size-fits-all here. 

  • Are you a big-picture person or do you love the nitty-gritty?
  • Do you need clear direction, or scope for creativity? 
  • What skills do you already have, and how can you transfer them to another setting?

Let’s explore all that together.


Who is this program for?

Are any of these you?

Your allied health career hasn’t met your expectations: You worked hard to get your degree, and you loved your placements (well, most of them). But reality isn’t quite like uni. You’ve given it a red-hot go for a couple of years… but this just isn’t the career of your dreams.

Feeling like healthcare has become all about business: Your role was great at first, and you learned a lot in the early years. But things have changed. Now it feels like you’re just filling out forms, writing reports, updating spreadsheets – and trying to squeeze billable time into every available minute just to meet (your employer’s) financial targets.

Mid-career and ready to see what’s next: Maybe you really do love your job? You’ve got excellent clinical skills and you’re at the top of your game. Junior staff look up to you and you’re seen as an expert. But, if you’re not looking to move into management, your allied health career might be reaching its peak.

Looking for work-life balance: Perhaps your circumstances have changed – kids, caring roles, other passions. The work hours might not work for you, and you need more flexibility.

If there’s a ‘yes’ in there, this program might be just the thing.

What (we hope!) you’ll love about the small group program:


Go in-depth: The group program runs for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks. You’ll take part in weekly interactive sessions online, and do some reflective tasks during the week. This lets you delve deep and get a clear idea of where you’d like to head.

Shared learning: People join our coaching sessions from all over Australia and a wide range of health professions. Coming together is a fun and fascinating way to broaden your thinking.

Access the hidden job market: Pro tip: there are lots more jobs out there than you might realise. We’ll help you discover opportunities that aren’t widely advertised.

Personalised guidance: It’s a group, but it’s small (maximum 10). We’re not giving career advice to the group as a whole; we’re basing it on what we know about you.

What the 6-week coaching program will cover:

Week 1

Introductions; current challenges facing allied health professionals

Week 2

Finding the right fit for your health career, in line with your personality and work preferences.

Week 3

Exploring non-traditional and non-clinical roles, using knowledge from week 2

Week 4

Developing your professional brand and accessing the hidden job market

Week 5

Transferable skills; CV and interview skills

Week 6

Bringing it all together.

Time commitment: 6 x 1hr live sessions with short reflective tasks in between.

Unable to attend live? Let us know in advance and we can record the session for you.

Join us!

Learn from each other, learn about yourselves, and let us give you individual guidance to set you on the path to your next adventure.

We’d love to have you in our next career coaching program.


Want more info first? Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Investment -  $299