Specialty training pathways in Australia


A complete guide to all of the specialty training pathways that can be pursued in Australia with information about the industry, skills required, training and any post specialty fellowship opportunities


This course has been designed for, and will benefit, a range of people including;

  • Medical students who are starting to consider career pathways
  • Junior doctors who are considering their career pathway
  • Any doctors who is uncertain, or undecided on their pathway (Regardless of years of experience)
  • Any doctor considering changing pathways and wanting to know available options
  • Anyone who is curious on medical career pathways.

This course gives you a greater understanding of WHAT your career may look like, not just HOW.

There are resources outlining each training program and the specifics of the training, but this course covers the skills of the career and what you can expect from the career itself, not just the details of the prerequisites and training program.


After this course you will have:

Increased awareness of all specialty training options 

Decreased confusion around what specialties are available

Knowledge that they have considered all of the specialties in their career decision making

DR. Ashe Coxon, (MBBS, FRACGP, DCH, MClinEd, Grad Cert Career Development, AFANZAHPE), is a General Practitioner and career counsellor and is the founder of Medical Career Planning.

Dr Ashe has been working with doctors and medical students for over 5 years to assist them to find happiness in work, whether that is medical, non medical, clinical or non clinical. Dr Ashe provides individual appointments, group workshops, consults to organisations and provides online courses.

Alongside Dr Ashe are a team of other coaches and counsellors in areas specializing in areas such as medical interview preparation, allied health career counselling, general career counselling and consultants in specialized areas of non-clinical medicine.


Knowledge is powerful and by enrolling in this course you will be one step closer to making an informed, knowledgeable career decision.

Inside this program you will get access to information about 80+ medical specialties available (including the subspecialty areas) and some practical exercises useful in career decision making