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Discovery: The complete guide

DISCOVERY is a self-study course providing affordable and accessible career planning resources to allow you to work through your career concerns.

Objectives for the course:

  • To provide the participant with a framework to assist in their career planning and decision making.
  • To highlight the available careers for doctors and medical students in the clinical and non-clinical fields. 
  • To provide information around core values and the importance of considering core values in career planning.
  • To provide resources to the participant to assist their career planning journey.
  • To provide techniques to evaluate the participant's career journey and to use these reflections and observations in planning their future career.
  • To identify the participant's personality types (using MBTI) and provide information on how a personality type impacts career decision making.
  • To provide the participant with some career planning tools to assist them in identifying suitable medical specialty pathways and how best to pursue them.